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26-MAY-2015 at
Solution To Puzzle Of The Week - 11
 1. Fill the 5 lt. vessel 2. Transfer it to the 3 lt. vessel 3. Empty the 3lt. vessel 4. transfer the 2 lt. from the 5lt vessel 5. now fill the 5 lt. vessel 6.  transfer water from 5 lt. vessel  to the 3 lt. vessel which already has 2 lt. hence now the 5 ly. Vessel will contain 4 lt only.   Hence 6 steps required.... Read More
23-MAY-2015 at
Solution To Vocab Wizardry - 11
  1. C      2. C      3. B      4. C      5. B      6. D      7. B      8. C      9. D      10. D... Read More
22-MAY-2015 at
Puzzle Of The Week - 11
There are two vessels with us one of 3 liters and other 5 litres we need to measure 4 litres. What is the minimum number of steps in which we can do so? Every time we fill a bucket, Empty a bucket, or transfer from one bucket to another is considered one step.... Read More
21-MAY-2015 at
Solution To Quant Teaser- 11
When X runs 1000 m Y runs 900m and Z runs 810m So ratio of their speed is 100:90:81 So now X has to run 1200 ,Y has to run 1100 and Z has to 1000 So when X runs 1200 Y runs 1080so he is just 20 m far from finish  and Z runs 972 m so he is just 28m away from finish  ... Read More
20-MAY-2015 at
Vocab Wizardry - 11
Directions for Questions 1 to 10:  In each of the following questions, find out which one of the words given below the sentence can most appropriately replace the group of words italicized in the sentence.  1.         We are looking forward to a good winter this year.             (a) encouraging (b) getting                     (c) hoping &nb... Read More
19-MAY-2015 at
Solution To Puzzle Of The Week - 10
 If the third and the fourth gnome would wear the same color, then the second gnome could at once conclude which hat he carries. Since this is not the current case, the second gnome does not know which hat he carries. He will not say anything. Therefore the third gnome can conclude that he necessarily should wear the color opposite to the gnome in front of him. The third gnome is therefore the first to figure out. ... Read More
18-MAY-2015 at
Quant Teasers - 11
In a race of 1000 meters X beats Y by 100 meter Y beat Z by 100 meter. In the next race Z starts at the starting line,Y starts 100 meter behind the starting line and X starts 100 meter behind Y. Who wins the race and how much meter is he ahead of the person just behind him.AlsoWho is 3rd and how far is he from the winner when the race ends.  ... Read More
16-MAY-2015 at
Solution To Vocab Wizardry - 10
 1. A      2. B      3. B      4. A      5. C      6. D      7. C      8. C      9. D      10. D... Read More
15-MAY-2015 at
Puzzle Of The Week - 10
Four smart gnomes are standing in line with all faces pointed in the same direction. They all carry a hat, but they do not know their color. They only know that there are two red and two green hats. The first gnome stands behind a wall and does not see the others. The second gnome is able to see the hats of the third and the fourth. The third only sees the hat of the fourth, and the fourth gnome does not see any hat at all.  The gnomes would like to know which hat they wear without checking their own. When a gnome has figured out which ha... Read More
14-MAY-2015 at
Solutions To Quant Teasers- 10
Say there are 100 bikers. then 10% receive speeding tickets. that is 10 bikers. but 20% of all who break the speed barrier  donot receive any speeding ticket. Hence all who receive a ticket are 80% of the total. So total percentage of bikers who break the speed barrier = 10/0.8 =  12.5 i.e.12.5%  ... Read More
13-MAY-2015 at
Vocab Wizardry - 10
Directions for Questions 1 to 10:  In each of the following questions, find out which one of the words given below the sentence can most appropriately replace the group of words italicized in the sentence.   1.         He spent a long time cutting all the waste paper into pieces.             (a) slashing                   (b) ripping                     (c) shredding       &... Read More
12-MAY-2015 at
Solution To Puzzle Of The Week - 9
#      Name        T-shirt       Age           Cars        Buses 1      Arunesh     red            40               26            98 2    ... Read More
11-MAY-2015 at
Quant Teasers - 10
On the certain road, 10% of bikers receive speeding ticket for exceeding speed limit, but 20% of bikers who exceed their speeding limit don't get their speeding ticket. What  percent of the bikers on the road exceed the posted speed limit? ... Read More
09-MAY-2015 at
Solution To Vocab Wizardry - 9
 1.  (b)   2.  (b)   3.  (c)   4.  (d)   5.  (a)   6.  (d)   7.  (d)   8.  (c)   9.  (b)   10.  (b)... Read More
08-MAY-2015 at
Puzzle Of The Week - 9
During a recent plane and train spotting contest, five eager entrants were lined up ready to be tested on their spotting ability. They had each spotted a number of cars (26, 86, 123, 174, 250) and a number of Buses (5, 42, 45, 98, 105). From the clues below, can you determine what colour T-shirt each was wearing, their position, their age (21, 23, 31, 36, 40) and the number of Buses and cars spotted?  1.  Saurin spotted 44 less Buses than cars. 2.  Karunesh was 36 years old. 3.  The person on the far right was 8 years you... Read More
07-MAY-2015 at
Solutions To Quant Teasers- 9
Each person paid $9, totalling $27. The manager has $25 and the bellboy has $2. The bellboy's $2 should be added to the manager's $25 or subtracted from the tenants' $27, not added to the tenants' $27.... Read More
06-MAY-2015 at
Vocab Wizardry - 9
Direction for the following Questions: Identify the correct word for the description of the person given in each sentence below from the given alternatives.   1.         A deputy or substitute.     (a) Proxy                       (b) Extraneous               (c) Surrogate                 (d) Subjugate   2.         A person who derives pleasure in harmin... Read More
05-MAY-2015 at
Solution To Puzzle Of The Week - 8
Name        Current pet         Previous pet Brian         horse                   horse Karan        dog                      pig Juno          rabbit                   dog Riya           pig                      ra... Read More
04-MAY-2015 at
Quant Teasers - 9
Three people check into a hotel. They pay $30 to the manager and go to their room. The manager finds out that the room rate is $25 and gives $5 to the bellboy to return. On the way to the room, the bellboy reasons that $5 would be difficult to share among three people, so he pockets $2 and gives $1 to each person. Now, each person paid $10 and got back $1. So they paid $9 each, totalling $27. The bellboy has $2, totalling $29. Where is the remaining dollar?... Read More
02-MAY-2015 at
Solution To Vocab Wizardry - 8
 1.  (b)   2.  (b)   3.  (c)   4.  (d)   5.  (a)   6.  (d)   7.  (d)   8.  (c)   9.  (b)   10.  (b)... Read More