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Vocab Wizardry - 11

Directions for Questions 1 to 10:  In each of the following questions, find out which one of the words given below the sentence can most appropriately replace the group of words italicized in the sentence.

 1.         We are looking forward to a good winter this year.

            (a) encouraging (b) getting                     (c) hoping                      (d) predicting    


2.         The automobile has tended to destroy without any trace the difference between rural and urban life.

            (a) cancel                      (b) negate                     (c) obliterate                  (d) nullify


3.         Virus is a biological entity which lives on another organism.

            (a) dependent                (b) parasite                   (c) symbiotic                  (d) plebiscite


4.         The discovery of the instrument with lenses for making very small objects appear larger      widened out scope of  knowledge.

            (a) telescope                 (b) binoculars                (c) microscope               (d) bioscope


5.         We should always be grateful to one who has suffered for a great cause.

            (a) fanatic                     (b) martyr                     (c) devotee                    (d) patriot


6.         Study of environment is a newly evolving branch of science.

            (a) Geography               (b) Ethnology                 (c) Geology                   (d) Ecology


7.         Rajesh was a hater of learning and knowledge.

            (a) misogynist                (b) misologist                 (c) misanthropist            (d) bibliophile


8.         He is working in return for being taught the trade.

            (a) disciple                    (b) pupil                        (c) apprentice                (d) sobriquet


9.         Submarines operate below the surface of the seas.

            (a) superfluous              (b) surreptitious (c) perspicacious            (d) subterranean


10.        Tuberculosis is a disease which spreads by contact.

            (a) infectious                 (b) contiguous                (c) fatal             (d) contagious